IdlePro® Alternators

High Amp, Dual Internal Fan Design

Leece-Neville IdlePro® series alternators provide the industry-best output at low engine speeds through an innovative brushed, dual internal fan design. IdlePro series alternators include a host of features that help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance.

  • 12V: 170-; 190-; 210-; 240-amp outputs
  • Minimum of 63% output of unit’s rated maximum output at engine idle speed
  • Isolated Ground Technology
  • eCoated housing to add protection in harsh operating environments
  • Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life
  • Operating temperature range of 125ºC to -40ºC
  • Heavy duty housing design to withstand extreme applications and vibrations
  • Includes innovative rotor design, heavy duty front and rear bearings and 12 diodes

IdlePro Extreme

IdlePro Extreme®

High Amp, Brushless Design

The Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme® series alternators offer industry-best output at low engine speeds, utilizing a high-amp, brushless design. Best-in-class IdlePro Extreme alternators feature an array of engineering benefits that enhance electrical system and engine performance to extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime.

  • 12V: 220-; 240-; 280-; 325-; 350-; 420-amp outputs
  • 24V: 250-; 275-amp outputs
  • Minimum of 90% output of unit’s rated maximum output (200+ amps) at engine idle speed*
  • Isolated Ground Technology
  • Auxiliary Draft Cooling design* – special fan and front housing design and integration for temperature control of the front bearing. Front bearing is kept 10ºC cooler as compared to traditional external fan designs
  • Remote sense capable to optimize alternator output and increase battery life
  • Dual cable terminals (B+/B-) positioned laterally and axially – extending the application and convenience of these alternators
  • Operating temperature range of 125ºC to -40ºC
  • Heavy duty housing design

*Certain applications

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Experience the advantages of our exclusive battery-saving IdlePro® alternator technology!

IdlePro Alternators

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The Prestolite and Leece-Neville product line includes high-output alternators and gear reduction starter motors for on- and off-highway trucks, military applications, mining vehicles, school and city buses, motor coaches and other uses. Broad-Ocean is a global supplier of high-tech, high-quality motors, alternators, and starters to multiple markets, including appliance, air handling and commercial transportation.

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